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What is red tape?

Red tape refers to regulations, policies, or other government actions that impose a burden on people or businesses while having little public benefit.

What’s an example of red tape?

Prior to 2015, food trucks were not legally allowed to sell food on many roads in Virginia because of outdated regulations banning vending on all state owned roads. Many of these roads were safe, but the regulation meant food trucks could be fined for selling on them. It took a legislative action to reform the code and find a commonsense solution.

Why does Virginia need to reduce red tape?

State agencies impose numerous regulations on Virginia businesses and residents. While some of these requirements are good, others are too complex, redundant, or simply unnecessary. Reducing red tape means Virginians can spend more time on their businesses, hobby, or craft instead of wasting time on paperwork.

How do you cut red tape in Virginia?

The Red Tape Reduction Act is a proven model with a commonsense approach to reform. The act requires agencies to eliminate old regulations before new ones can be adopted.  It works like this:

Step 1:  State agencies are required to count how many requirements they impose through regulation.

Step 2:  After establishing a regulatory baseline of total regulations, agencies are tasked with reducing the overall regulatory requirements by 35%.

Step 3:  To reach the 35% threshold, agencies have to eliminate two regulations for every new one that is introduced.

Step 4:  Once the threshold is met, the agencies are expected to eliminate one requirement from every new one that is introduced, establishing a cap in the total number of regulatory requirements.

What makes this model unique is that small business owners, industry leaders, and the public at large will have the opportunity to offer examples of regulations that are burdensome, duplicative, and unnecessary. 

Are you getting tied up in red tape? Share your ideas for how to cut it.

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